November 15 - 16, 2016

New York City

A Conference For Support Professionals

SupConf is a conference for folks who want to make a career out of support. With the help of the Support Driven community, we’re bringing you a career development experience like no other.

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Curated Talks

Your time and attention are precious

That’s why talks are chosen from themes vetted by the Support Driven community. No sales pitches in disguise. We work with speakers to surface the interesting lessons that are most likely to be applicable to you.

Build Your Network

Relationships are key to a career

So much of a conference’s value comes from the people you meet and the ones you build relationships with. We’re not going to leave that to chance. We’re designing the conference with conversation in mind and keeping it small to encourage those conversations to be meaningful.

Community Powered

The Support Driven community at your service

We’re committed to delivering the best conference for support professionals. We’re engaging our community of over 900 folks that care deeply about support to fine tune the conference experience. And we’re not letting sponsors influence the conference schedule.




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