SUPCONF Fall 2017

November 6-7, 2017


A Conference For Support Professionals

The Support Driven community brings you SUPCONF Fall 2017, the conference for support professionals. We’re committed to delivering the best support conference and we’re engaging our community of over 2,000 folks that care deeply about support to do it.

It starts with an inclusive and fun environment designed to help you learn from our amazing speakers and attendees at SUPCONF. And you’ll have opportunities to meet and get to know attendees before and after the event through our online community and local meetups. Sponsors are a part of it too, as every one of them contributes to making the event better through our pot luck style of sponsorship.

To see everything that's happening at SUPCONF - check out the mega post.


Introvert? Extroverted? Whatever your personality type we’ve got you covered.

We understand the awkwardness of socializing at events and work hard to create a space for everyone. Throughout the event, we want you to be in control of how much or how little social interaction you participate in.


Learn from experience

We bring together speakers and attendees from a wide range of industries, from SaaS to e-commerce, so you can learn their experiences in facing the challenges of providing amazing support.


We don't leave building relationships to chance

You'll have a chance to meet other attendees in our private channel in the Support Driven Slack before the event - we’ve had folks use it to coordinate meals, sight-seeing, and get-togethers. During the event, we've designed ample ways for you to have open, meaningful conversations if you choose to.

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Claire Lew

Know Your Company
The Grass is Always Greener

Michael Redbord

Scaling a Customer Team: HubSpot’s Lessons on the Journey from 0-250

Sarah Betts

Sarah, Samuel, Sam: Gender and frontline support. What does the data say about it?

Chase Clemons

The Art of the Feature Request

Mercer Smith-Looper

Becoming a Leader: From Title to Trust

Rafa Gutierrez

Does great support equal loyal customers? How Mapbox measures Customer Effort

Bill Bounds

Rethinking the Support Agenda

Hoon Park

So you just got fired (or laid off)… what next?

Katharine McCarthy

Bridging the digital divide: How to unite your distributed team

Ian Jordan

Creating Career Paths Within Support That Stick

Nykki Yeager

The Fortune Teller

Meggan King

The Avengers: How Product Management and Support came together to create a new culture of product development.

Nikta Kanuka

The Avengers: How Product Management and Support came together to create a new culture of product development.

Mathew Patterson

Help Scout
Support-Driven Growth: Forget a seat at the table…we’re taking the conference room

Jeremey DuVall

What We Learned in Rebuilding Our Onboarding Process from the Ground Up






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